Easynews 101 - Search Settings


The Search settings tab allows us to fully customize the way our search results are displayed each time we search for something.

The first option "Search Default Number of Results" allows us to set the default number of results that are displayed each time we do a search. The next option "Search Remove Duplicates" will remove duplicates and only display unique results – this option can be set to "Enabled" or "Disabled".

The next two options will turn on the display of thumbnails and tooltip information when we move our mouse over a download link - this option can be set to "Enabled" or "Disabled". If you are new to Usenet or Easynews, we recommend you set the last three options we mentioned to "Enabled."

Next, we see the "Collapse File sets" option, this option can be "Enabled" or "Disabled" – when "Enabled" all search results will display whole files with one single download link for each file.Next, we can "Enable" or "Disable" showing valid undamaged thumbnails only.

Moving on, we have exception filter options where we can specify a newsgroup or groups we would like to leave out of our search. The first option provides a list of groups to ignore and the second option turns the filter on or off.

Moving on down we have the "Search Default Type Selection" option, this options allows us to choose the types of files Easynews will search for by default – we can add file types by highlighting items in the "Available" box and clicking the arrow to send it to the selected box.

Next we have the "Default Search Order" this option allows to set three items for the order in which our search results will be sorted – for example we have chosen the order "filename ascending," "subject ascending," and "size ascending" – this means that each time we search our results will be ordered by filename first, subject second, and size third.

Next can customize our "Search Results Columns" by choosing options from the available box and clicking the arrow to add them to the "Selected" box. We can also change the order that the columns are displayed in by moving all the options back to the "Available" box and then adding the options back to the "selected" box in any order we choose. New users please note that these last two settings only apply to searches done in the advanced mode not basic.

Lastly we can "Enable" or "Disable" showing full video thumbnails in our search results. If you are a new user we recommend you leave all of the options in this section set to the default.

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